Tiger 3 movie review And film summary


Tiger 3 is a 2023 Hindi-language action and thriller film slated to be the fifth in YRF and directed by Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Imran Hashmi. The Tiger 3 is produced by Manish Sharma, and Aditya produces the film. The photography Of the Movie started in March 2021. The shooting of the film began in Mumbai and Istanbul. It looked like a power plant of around 300 crores. As you can guess, this one of the Indian movies was released on November 12, 2023, on IMX, earning 500 crores worldwide. It is the fifth-highest-grossing film of 2023.

Tiger 3 movie review And film summary

Plot And Summary

1999 When (Zoya) Katrina Kaif was young, she saw her father martyred in a bomb blast, and since that day, the fire of revenge has been burning in her chest. She meets an ISI agent. And that man urges her to join ISI. He says you can join this ISI and avenge your father in this movie. Katrina Kaif is shown as a Pakistani agent working on Salman Khan.

Tiger continues his operation against enemies for his country; most of the scenes and stories of this movie are similar to those of Tiger Zinda. In this movie, Salman Khan just wants to save his country. But in this, he wants to save his country as well as his family. It shows that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are husband and wife, and in the process of fighting the enemy of the country, they are declared traitors to their own country. goes, and Salman Khan is sentenced to be hanged, but with the help of Pathan, he escapes from jail.

One day, he comes back and meets his first son in Islamabad. On the other hand, Emraan Hashmi played the villain in this movie. In an attempt to eliminate both Tiger and Zoya, on the other hand, there were plans to eliminate the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nasreen, so that the corruption could be rooted out. In this film, Pakistan and India clash. The film features the mastermind Army President, who is eventually killed, and Tiger is exposed to the world, hence his sentence being overturned. I can say that I am always ready to serve the country.


Salman Khan has played the role of a hero in this film, whose name is Tiger. He is also the husband of Katrina Kaif. Salman Khan is called the second king of India. People like him very much in this movie; he played a hero role. Anyway, every movie by Salman Khan is very expensive, and one of the top movies is Do you know that Salman Khan’s fans are not less, and his film is becoming a top-trending film? In second place is Katrina Kaif, who has played the role of a heroine in this film.

Both the husband and wife act as RAW agents, and it also features his son. The third villain of the film is Emraan Hashmi. He has been away from the film industry since then, but suddenly he came back in this film, and many people have played a role in this film. A lot of color has been apply, and a lot of people have liked this movie.

Releasing And Boxing

The Tiger 3 was initially schedule to release on the occasion of Eid on April 21, 2023, but due to some reasons. It was postpon to November 12, 2023, and release in many theaters. Released on thousands of screens, the film was ban in many countries. Made on a budget of 300 crores, the film has earned 500 crores worldwide so far, making it India’s most expensive film. The movie is the fifth highest-grossing film and also the fifth highest-grossing film on Diwali.

Short Details

  • Release date
    • November 11, 2023 (United States)
  • Country of origin
    • India
  • Official site
    • Yash Raj films
  • Languages
    • Hindi
    • English
    • Vietnamese
  • Filming locations
    • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Production Company
    • Yash Raj Films
  • Gross US & Canada
    • $5,365,263
  • Opening weekend US & Canada
    • $1,913,046
    • Nov 12, 2023
  • Gross worldwide
    • $11,713,932
  • Runtime
  • 2 hours 35 minutes


Released in 2023, the film is one of India’s most expensive Hindi films and is the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. By the way, every movie by Salman Khan goes to the top of the list of earnings, and it also gets the same acceptance. Emraan Hashmi is the king of romantic movies. He played the role of the villain in this movie.

This movie, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, is the sequel to these movies. This is the third part of these movies. My purpose in praising this movie is to promote anything No, I am providing this information to you people only for entertainment, so you must watch this movie once. It shows the scene of a clash between two countries, and we learn that we should be with each other. Stay connected and be patriotic.

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