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Pushpa 2: The Rule 2024 Telugu-language action drama is an Indian action drama film that is the second sequel to Pushpa 1 in 2022. The names of people who acted in this movie are great people like Allu Arjun, Rameshka, and Fahad Faisal. These people also worked in the previous movie, which was the first part of it; the rest is the second part of this movie and the character who lives in it.

Pushpa 2 will be complete. This is the second sequel to Pushpa The Rise. About 20 percent of the film was shot along with the first part, and the remaining part was released to shoot in 2022. This movie has been made with a budget of around 500 crores. Now let’s see how much this movie earns. It is one of the most expensive movies in India, made on a budget of 500 crores, and is slated to release in 2024 on Independence Day. Will be released on occasion.

Pushpa 2: The Rule


The first character shown in the cast of this film is Allu Arjun, and his name, Pushpa Raj, is used in the film. Who doesn’t know Allu Arjun? Anyway, Pushpa Raj is very famous in the first sequence of the film. received. People like this film a lot; that’s why the second part was also made. It means that Pushparaj has played the role of hero in this film,

and the role of heroine is in second place, his name is Ramesh, who is playing the role of wife in the film. And very well, he plays the third role of Fahad Faisal, who works as an IPS officer in a police department in the film and conducts operations against black men in the film. It is stopped by the police of this city, and many people have worked in this movie. Like Prakash Raj Sunil Ansubiya and Ajay Sardej Brahma—these people have played the role of casting in this movie.

Pushpa 2 Release Date

Pushpa Part Two will be released on August 15, 2024, in India and is the only film to be released on Independence Day 2024. It will be shown in theaters; the first part of it was released on December 21, 2021, which was in the hearts of many people and received very good reviews. Now let’s see what the reviews of this film are. What are people’s responses? On October 30, 2023, the principal photography of this film started in Hyderabad, a city in India, and the shooting of this film was completed in March 2024. Now that this film is about to be released, it is ready.

Box Collection

Pushpa 2 has been made with a budget of 500 crores, and it is one of the most expensive films in India. Before that, Pushpa 1 was made with a budget of around 250 crores. , which is a good amount of money according to the box office collection. Now it will be seen. If we look at the estimated earnings of this film, then the earnings of this film are going to be good because part one also earned a good amount, and now people are eagerly waiting for its release.

Plot And Summary

In the Pushpa One movie, it is showing that Pushpa is born in an orphanage, is raise by other family members, and is considered the meanest person in the family. So he works hard day and night and joins some gangs that do black marketing and start smuggling redwood, which is very expensive in India; thus, he joins two gangs. earns them a lot, and thus he is then made their chief.

Now in the second part, it is shown that these people have earned a lot of money from black marketing, which is corruption for society. The reason is that a policeman, Fahd Fazil, gives an ISP that is transferred to his city, and now he is trying hard to stop this black marketing and has given many notices to Pushpa. If you don’t stop this work, you will be arrest and imprisoned. After watching this movie, we will know what its story is and what its main reason is. We will wait for its release to see what lessons we learn from watching it.


Made on a budget of 5 crores, this film is included among the most expensive films in India, and it is the most expensive film of 2024, which is scheduled to release on August 15, i.e., Independence Day. It is not to promote anything. You can watch it with the intention of Jars Entertainment. We get this lesson from watching this movie about how black marketing, which is a black business, can create bad effects on our society and the poor in it. What is the value of it in society, and how are the big people respected in this movie? Allu Arjun has shown his character in a very good way at a fast pace with a simple life and hard work. You have to reach a bigger level by making your career with the black market gang and eliminating them.

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