Jailer movie Review


Jailer movie is an Indian Tamil action and comedy film released in 2023. It was directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. The story of the film revolves around a retired jailer who wants to catch an idol smuggler. The principal photography work for this film started in February 2022. Jailer was released on August 10, 2023, and it is the sixth highest-grossing film in the Tamil film industry.

jailer movie Review

Plot And Summary

Rajinikanth is a retired police officer, and his son, ACP Arjun, is working for a stingy gangster operation. One who smuggles idols of deities and sells them to foreign buyers. One day during the operation, they reach in front of him, and suddenly he disappears, and the policemen are informed that he committed suicide due to fear.

One day Muthuvel tries to kill Val’s grandson, but Muthuvel manages to save his grandson and tells him to leave us alone, but he decides to take revenge. Varman plays the villain in the film. The story of the conflict between the villain and Muthuvel is shown. Finally, one day Muthuvel surrounds him with Varman’s henchmen while smuggling and hands him over to the police. I depict the conflict between a policeman and an idol smuggler.


Rajinikanth plays the role of a tiger in this film; he plays the hero, who is an escaped and retired jailer. Vinayakan plays the role of a villain in this film. has been Mostly shown by the idol smuggling business, and Vern joins the smuggler. The film features Rajinikanth portraying the character “Tiger” Muthuvel Pandian IPS, while Vinayakan embodies Varman.

Ramya Krishnan takes on the role of Vijaya “Viji” Pandian, and Vasanth Ravi appears as ACP Arjun Pandian IPS. Yogi Babu assumes the character of Vimal, with Mirnaa Menon portraying Swetha Pandian. Tamannaah Bhatia stars as Kamna, while Sunil appears as Blast Mohan. Rithvik is cast as Rithvik “Rithu” Pandian, Harshad as Dhanraj, and Jaffer Sadiq as Debnath. S. Dhandapani, Redin Kingsley as Divya Nathan, Sunil Reddy as Bagunnara Balu, Saravanan as Seenu, and Aranthangi Nisha as G. Kanagalakshmi.

Releasing And Boxing

Finally, the Jailer movie will be released in theaters on August 10, 2023. Made with a budget of 200 crores, this film has earned 650 crores worldwide so far. Jailer is the highest-grossing film in the Tamil industry, earning around 150 crores overseas, and the second-highest-grossing Tamil movie of 2023 so far. It has achieved quite a record in terms of earnings in the Tamil industry.

Short Details

  • Release date
    • August 10, 2023 
  • Country of origin
    • India
  • Language
    • Tamil
  • Production Company
    • Sun Pictures
  • Gross worldwide
    • $4,817,871
  • Runtime
  • 2 hours 48 minutes


The story of this Jailer movie is based on a retired jailer, and on the other hand, it is based on an idol smuggling gang. The clash between these two continues, and the purpose of this film is to establish brotherhood by ending the traitors and smuggling in the country and the corruption. It is the most expensive film in the Tamil industry. Made with a budget of 200 crores, and it is also the second highest-grossing film in the Tamil industry in terms of box office collection. Appreciation is not my intention to promote anything. Well, people should watch it once because we keep watching movies from the Hollywood industry. Tamil has also gained a lot of understanding; we must watch it once. 

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