Imaginary movie review & film summary


The Imaginary is a 2024 American horror film directed and produced by Jeff Wadlow.  Jason Blum produced it in his own house, co-starring DeWanda Wise, Tom Payne, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, Matthew Sato, Veronica Falcón, and Betty Buckley. The Imaginary tells the story of a young woman returning to her childhood home to discover whether her daughter’s imaginary friends are still there. Image The January movie was released in America on March 8, 2024. This movie has earned more than $30 million so far.

Imaginary movie review

Plot And Summary

A children’s book writer gets married to a musician boy. This musician has two daughters from his first marriage, who are small, but the boy keeps his daughters for a long time, and one of them has nightmares and is mentally ill. The boy takes his daughters and family back to these houses. Goes to where he used to live. There is a basement where a teddy bear is found, and the little one befriends the teddy bear so that he has nightmares many times, and they are afraid that he will attack himself many times. The father tried to get treatment in many places, but nothing could be done because there was a shadow over him that was impossible to treat. He checked with many doctors. It is based on a horror story.


DeWanda Wise plays the first role in the Imaginary. She is the wife of Max and the stepmother of the two little girls. She is called the stepmother because her first mother died. Tom Payne plays the second role. He is the husband of the first character and the father of the two daughters who played the roles of Max. Betty Buckley is also feature in fourth place. It’s a neighbor’s house with these two children. Taegen Burns portrays the role of Taylor, not just Max’s older daughter but also Jessica’s senior stepdaughter and Alice’s elder sister.

Matthew Sato embodies the character of Liam, Taylor’s trusted friend and neighbor. Verónica Falcón graces the screen as Dr. Alana Soto, a seasoned therapist, lends her expertise to the narrative. Lastly, Dane DiLiegro brings to life Chauncey Bear, the beloved imaginary friend of Jessica and Alice. Each character adds depth and intrigue to the storyline, making the viewing experience captivating and memorable.

Releasing And Boxing

Universal Pictures released it in theaters on March 8, 2020. Made with a budget of 12 million, the Imaginary has earned around 32 million. Which is not much but a very good horror movie made in 2024 according to the box collection.

Short Details

  • Release date
    • March 8, 2024 (United States)
  • Country of origin
    • United States
  • Official sites
    • Official Amazon
    • Official Site
  • Language
    • English
  • Also known as
    • Уявний друг
  • Filming locations
    • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Production companies
    • Blumhouse Productions
    • Lionsgate Films
    • Tower of Babble Entertainment
  • Budget
    • $13,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross US & Canada
    • $23,624,798
  • Opening weekend US & Canada
    • $9,912,713
    • Mar 10, 2024
  • Gross worldwide
    • $30,254,422
  • Runtime
  • 1 hour 44 minutes


The story of the Imaginary is that some shadows are living in an old house that is flying over a girl and giving the boy bad dreams, and sometimes she does something in her dreams; sometimes she starts doing something. She becomes a psychiatric patient, and this film is based on her story. Made on a budget of $12 million, the film grossed $30 million. It is a small and low-budget 202 film. If you are interest in watching this movie, you must watch it once.

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