Full Cast & Crew – Black Adam Movie


Based on the DC character, Black Adam is an American superhero film to be released in 2022. Warner Bros. Pictures distributed this film and it is DCE’s eleventh film. Collect Sierra has directed this film, and Dwayne Johnson has played the role of Black Adam. Initially, the development of this film started in 2014. Thus, in 2017, this film had become a habit, but due to the Coronavirus, it was stopped. And finally, it was released in 2022. Its principal photography started in 2021. It is a film based on the story of Black Adam.

Full Cast & Crew - Black Adam Movie

Plot And Summary

In 2600 AD, a king of Kandhak was oppressing his people. And he used to give them full meals with difficulty. During this time, he shed many people’s blood with mercy, and many people were killed during this mining; thus, everyone was afraid of him.

In a family, a boy was born who was watching and enduring all this. A curiosity arose in his heart; he wanted to liberate this nation from this oppressor. He took a step from the king one day and attacked the next man, so he was imprisoned. And so his whole family—his father and his mother—were killed, but he was in prison. Slowly, some people got him free, and then he became the most revengeful person in Kahinda. The only goal was to get freedom from this king, but for some reason, this king was killed. Thus, the nation is destroyed, and the Black Adam is captured and imprisoned forever by magic.

The film shows that some travelers go to look for Ashthad, and suddenly they find Black Adam, who becomes free. Now he wants to go to the same area after 2600 years and take revenge on his people and his family. Then it shows the era of now and the use of technology. Some people fight him, but Black Adam is a very powerful person, so no one can defeat him, and finally he gets the king’s chair.


As you already know, Johnson, who is not familiar with his name, is called the king of the Hollywood industry. He has played the role of Black Adam in this movie, which is very powerful. Aldis Hodge’s character is shown in second place as much as his strength is appreciated. Who plays the role of the villain in this film and also fights against Black Adam?

He fights but finds himself weak, so he can’t last long in front of Black Adam, and some team is also sent from the city. So that he can control Black Adam and make him a prisoner. Once, he is made a prisoner, but later, due to some of their spirits and magic, he is freed. He frees his village from the government and succeeds in his mission.

Releasing And Boxing

On October 3, 2022, the premiere of this Black Adam movie was released in Mexico. This film was supposed to be released on December 22, 2021, but it was delayed due to the Corona virus. Finally, this film was released on October 3, 2022. This film, made with a budget of $200 million, earned about $400 million, which is not much. Because the budget was also very high and the earnings were low, this film has gained a lot of fame. It was simultaneously released in four thousand US theaters.

Short Details

  • Release date
    • October 21, 2022 (United States)
  • Countries of origin
    • United States
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
    • Hungary
  • Official sites
    • Black Adam France
    • Official Facebook
  • Language
    • English
  • Filming locations
    • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Production companies
    • Warner Bros.
    • New Line Cinema
    • DC Entertainment
  • Budget
    • $195,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross US & Canada
    • $168,152,111
  • Opening weekend US & Canada
    • $67,004,323
    • Oct 23, 2022
  • Gross worldwide
    • $393,452,111
  • Runtime
  • 2 hours 5 minutes


As you know, Johnson has been the king of the Hollywood industry. He has also been the champion of WWE, so we are eagerly waiting for his film. And every film he makes is very famous; similarly, this film, Black Arm, has also gained a lot of fame.

People loved it so much that it showed. How was the monarchy 2600 years ago, and how did the kings oppress the people? My purpose in describing this thing was not to promote anything, but I am telling you all this for the sake of entertainment. So this gives us a lesson about how people used to live in the past, what the difference is in the technology that is coming now, and what changes it can bring to our world.

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