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Cocaine Bear


Cocaine Bear is a 2023 American comedy-horror film written and directed by Jimmy Warden and Elizabeth Banks. “Cocaine Bear,” the true story of an American black bear that ate several kilograms of cocaine with about 75 pounds (34 kg) of cocaine missing, serves as a loose parody for the film. Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Christian Convery, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklynn Prince, Margo Martindale, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ray Liotta star in the film, which is in memory of Liotta, who died in May 2022. Common Pictures, released Cocaine Bear in the United States of America, on February 24, 2023, in Coca-Cola. Despite a pro-production budget of $30.35 million, the film crossed over $90 million at the box office after giving mostly approving reviews from detractors.

Cocaine Bear Full Movie Review On Movierulz


One of the most foibles of Banks’s picture is that it’s based on a true story. Screenwriter Jimmy Warden has taken the basic facts of a 1985 drug courier carrying 175 pounds of cocaine by plane to Georgia. Black Bear had been dropped in the stomach. And he had imagined what would have happened if the bear had not been killed but had rather tried the substance and become curved. Unluckily for her, a colorful cast of rangers, hikers, police officers, and crooks happens to get in her way. When they cross their path only when they need their next fix, they find themselves especially unsafe, (and lest you assume that think again that this is a moralistic, pure ethnic anti-drug film; it also includes a mocking montage of these people.


No Rule Name
1 Director Elizabeth Banks
2 Writer Jimmy Warden
3 Star Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson Jr
4 Release Date February 24, 2023
5 Budget $35,000,000
6 Earn Worldwide $88,314,672
7 Runtimez 1 hour 35 minutes

Release Date And Office Collection

General Pictures released Cocaine Bear in Playhouse on February 24, 2023. Ray Liotta, who died on May 26, 2022, is honored in this film. Cocaine Bear earned $90 million worldwide, with $64.7 million in the US and Canada and $25.3 million in other areas of land. Expected to earn a million dollars in its first weekend of giving out from 3,534 partitions. The film’s first-day earnings were $8.7 million, including $2 million from Thursday night previews. After making $23.1 million, it came in second place to the holdover Ant-Man and the Wasp: theory.38 with $11 million, the film reached a climax at number three in its second weekend of release.


Cocaine Bear, which is generally based on the true events of 1985, opens with a drug courier (Matthew Rhys). Throws a duffel bag full of some bricks of Cocaine from an autopilot into Georgian Bay. When a black bear stumbles into the Chattahoochee National Forest and becomes increasingly dependent on drugs, he discovers a pack that is usually peaceful, then begins to wreak bloody havoc as everything goes on. Painting drug dealer Sid (Ray Liotta) asks his second-in-command David (O’Shea Jackson) to carry one last duffle bag for his heartbroken son Eddie (Alden Ehrenreich). So we’re not the only ones going into that forest. DD (Brooklyn Prince) and Henry (Christian Convery) are both 13 years old. Dee Dee has let fall out of school to paint cascade.

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