The Highest Worldwide Gross of 2024 Tamil Movies

Highest Worldwide Gross Tamil Movies

Highest Worldwide Gross Tamil Movies Captain Miller: 104.79 crores ( US$13 million) In cinematic terms, Captain Millat emerged as the character of 2024 in Indian Tamil cinema. Directed by Arun Mathris Warne and produced by Aurast or Jyoti Films, the film narrates the origin of a trilogy. It unfolds the story of a heroic protagonist, … Read more

Pushpa 2: The Rule Budget And Release Date

Pushpa 2: The Rule

Pushpa 2: The Rule in Movierulz Pushpa 2: The Rule 2024 Telugu-language action drama is an Indian action drama film that is the second sequel to Pushpa 1 in 2022. The names of people who acted in this movie are great people like Allu Arjun, Rameshka, and Fahad Faisal. These people also worked in the previous … Read more

Adipurush Film Budget And Collection

Adipurush Film Budget And Collection

Introduction Adipurush 2023 is an action film produced by T-Series. Adipurush, shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi, includes actors Prabhas Saif Ali Khan and Kriti. The principal photography for the film started in 2020 and will be completed in 2021. The film was made with a budget of 500 crores, which is one of the … Read more

Mark Antony Film Review

Mark Antony

Introduction Mark Antony is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language science fiction action and comedy film. It is directed by Adhik Ravichandran and produced by Mini Studios. The film’s principal photography started in December 2021 and was completed in 2022. It was finally released on September 14, 2023. Released on the third day in India, this film … Read more

Bhola Shankar Movie Cast And Crew

Bhola Shankar Movie Cast And Crew

Introduction Bhola Shankar is an action film made in the Telugu era of India that was release in 2023. Its release date is August 11, 2023. Made with a budget of 101 crores, this Tamil film is one of the most expensive films in the industry, and unfortunately, it earned only 40 crores, so this … Read more

Jai Bhim Film Budget And Collection

Jai Bhim

Introduction Jai Bhim is an Indian Tamil-language legal drama film to be released in 2021. It is directed by TJ and produced by 2D Entertainment. The film focuses on police bias and state violence against the community. In 2021, its principal photography work was started, and the film was release on November 2, 2021, through … Read more

Bholaa Movie Full Review

Bholaa Movie Full Review

Introduction Bholaa is a 2023 Indian-language action thriller film. It is directed by Ajay Devgn and produced by a company like T Series Entertainment. The following are the names of the actors working in it: Tabu, Deepak Dobriyal, Sanjay Mishra, Gajraj Rao, and Vineet Kumar. The photography work for Bhola started in January 2022 and … Read more

Jailer movie Review

jailer movie Review

Introduction Jailer movie is an Indian Tamil action and comedy film released in 2023. It was directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. The story of the film revolves around a retired jailer who wants to catch an idol smuggler. The principal photography work for this film started in February 2022. Jailer was released on August 10, 2023, … Read more

Pushpa 2: The Rule Everything About

Pushpa 2

Introduction This is the second sequel to the Pushpa the Rise. The movie, Pushpa 2 the Rule, will be released in 2023. It is one of the most expensive films made in India, with a budget of 500 crores. The film was shot back up with Pushpa Sequel 1, but later the decision was changed … Read more

Pushpa: The Rise Full Review

Pushpa: The Rise Full Review

Introduction This is an action movie in the Telugu language made in 2021 called Pushpa. As soon as this film was released, it created a sensation all over India, and there was only one name for the film on people’s tongues. Pushpa This movie was written and directed by SukMar. This film starred Allu Arjun … Read more

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Authentic Review

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Review

Introduction Salaar is a Telugu-language movie that people like a lot. It is another action movie by Prabhas, released in 2023. This movie is written and acted by Insan; his name is Prasat Neel, and he is Vijay. Produced in 2023, it is a super hit movie about Prabhas, about which we are going to … Read more